But, those countries ARE shitholes.

The Old Ruminator has attended a few executive type meetings over the years. As a matter of fact; meetings with some of the leading business people in the world.

Every now and then, at one of those meetings, one or other of the more forthright, strong CEO’s would swear. They would use a profanity and certainly “shithole” might have even been one of those words. I can’t say exactly when and where it happened or by whom, because it happened so many times and by so many senior business people, it would be impossible to keep track.

So, to all the snowflakes out there who are offended by a remark President Trump may or may not have made while in closed, private and tough negotiations with other hard-nosed politicians….. I say, get over it.

Besides, Haiti and Ghana ARE shitholes. Is there any doubt that those countries are shitholes? And why haven’t the people in those countries done something about it? Haiti has been independent for several generations, but the residents do nothing about the crime, dirt, corruption and filth that passes as an excuse for government.

There’s a lot of other countries in this world that are shitholes and I think it’s time we said so. Pakistan and Afghanistan are shitholes. Venezuela, Columbia, Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras and any number of Muslim countries in the Indian Ocean are shitholes. Why do we continue to pretend that they are anything else but shitholes?

I think it’s refreshing that this whole matter has come to light. Words are powerful instruments of change and as it is said that we must know our enemy and call him/it out for what it is, so we must be prepared to call out shithole countries when we see them.

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