Our Clueless Governor General on a Mission to Mars


I always thought that astronauts had to go through a battery of tests, including psychological assessments, to determine if they had the “right stuff”. That would include the social skills to spend long periods of time with others (say, on a trip to the moon or Mars) without making enemies or losing their cool.

So how do we explain the totally tone deaf and clueless opinions expressed by our currant Governor General at a recent science conference. Ms. Payette (I must refrain from honouring her with the title “Her Excellency”) ridiculed those who believed in divine creation. Presumably that would include the person who appointed her, the Prime Minister…who claims to be a practicing Catholic. And, of course we could provide an endless list here of pre-eminent scientists and philosophers whose insights and discoveries, despite the yoke of religious supersition, have shaped western civilization.

Imagine for a moment, Ms. Payette winging her way to Mars; a mission of at least 4 years with current technology. Within a week or two of blast off (about the same time she took to settle in to her new role as GG before spouting off) she begins to ridicule the beliefs of her fellow astronauts. Something tells me the mission could be doomed.

No doubt Ms. Payette is an intelligent woman. At least she’s got a lot of academic credentials. But one has to wonder if this is a case of “school smart but real-world dumb”, given her infantile comments. And we also have to wonder just how she came to be appointed as a Canadian astronaut. Could it be that there was some sort of affirmative action at work here; a selection based on some other values other than general intelligence and social skills? We either have to figure that she completely bamboozled the shrinks who assessed her, or they didn’t give a damn and based their approval of her on some notion of political correctness.

Well, at least she’s in a relatively harmless position as the GG. The worst she can do is dissolve parliament. It’s not as if she’s in charge of a mission to Mars.

Trump’s Faults Pale in Comparison to Hillary’s Dirty Tricks

I think we can all agree that President Trump could raise the demeanor of his public utterances via Twitter. But nothing the President has done during the election campaign or subsequent to his swearing in ceremony comes even close to the disgusting and vile tactics of Crooked Hillary’s Election Campaign.
Last night’s explosive expose from the Washington Post that Crooked Hillary’s Campaign and the DNC paid for the so-called “Russian Dossier” has completely obliterated any claim of campaign ethical superiority by the self-righteous, hypocritical Democrats. The revelation that a Candidate for the President of the United States would finance the creation of an obscene and despicable web of lies in a vile attempt to destroy the reputation of her rival, goes beyond anything we have ever seen in the history of western democracies.
And the revelation that James Comey’s FBI relied heavily on the dossier shows either a shocking lack of Intelligence sophistication or a deliberate interference by America’s leading law enforcement agency in a Presidential election campaign.
The Old Ruminator was a news editor in the days of Watergate. Writing copy has a way of imprinting things on one’s mind and memory. I can tell you, this latest revelation of Hillary Clinton’s campaign “dirty tricks” makes Richard Nixon look like a Saint by comparison.

Blame the Courts, not Trudeau for Kadr Fiasco

I’m not a fan of Justin Trudeau, but the blame for the multi-million dollar payout to terrorist Omar Kadr, must rest with the nation’s courts, not its government.

Those among us who have lived as adults for a few years may recall the case of Maher Arar…the Canadian/Syrian dual citizen who travelled overseas to his homeland not long after 9/11 and got into trouble upon his return.  For whatever reason, he was misidentified by American authorities as a potential terrorist and was returned to Syria where he was tortured.

Upon his eventual return to Canada, Canadian courts in their infinite wisdom decided that efforts by the Canadian government to repatriate Mr. Arar were not strenuous enough and that Canada’s so-called complicity in the whole caper warranted a ridiculous pay-out to Mr. Arar of 10 million dollars.  It set a very bad precedent. The government of the day, a Conservative Government under PM Stephen Harper, fought the payout tooth and nail, but the government was no match for the ivory tower pin-heads who control Canada’s highest courts and eventually the government was forced to make the abominable payment to Mr. Arar.

Those among us who have any knowledge whatsoever about a citizens’ ability to sue the “crown”, are aware that centuries of legal precedent have denied that opportunity to individual citizens in almost all cases. But not, it seems for dual-citizens like Mr. Arar who, by keeping his Syrian citizenship was maintaining his patriotic ties to a despotic dictatorship.

Now, we move forward about 10 years or so, to the case of Omar Kadr….another dual Canadian…this time fighting for jihad and trying to kill Americans, Canadians, and other allied forces who went to Afghanistan in an attempt to wrest that nation from the grip of Islamic Terrorism.  Kadr ended up killing an American Medic and blinding another soldier. Upon Kadr’s eventual return to Canada it was revealed that during his time in an American prison his captors may have affected his sleep rythms and Canadian diplomats sent to interview him may have been mean to him.

The current government, looking at the legal precedent of Mr. Arar, knew they wouldn’t have a chance in the bizarre world of Canadian jurisprudence and they paid him off to make him go away.

Now, we have reports of Canadian women…perhaps with their ISIS-fathered children, who went to Iraq to join ISIS and screw around with jihadists and who now may wish to come “home”. Lord have mercy on us. What do we do? Well, it seems unless we are prepared to get serious about changing the way our judges are appointed and pampered, we better consider giving each one of these unfortunate women all-expense paid trips back home on private charters and set them up for life with a million dollars each. It will a cheap solution to the alternative.


“Safe” Injection Sites Cause More Deaths

I said it not that long ago, when Vancouver was first considering a so-called “safe” injection site for habitual drug users and I’ll repeat it now. These so-called “safe” injection sites encourage and condone drug addiction and are leading to record numbers of overdose deaths. They, ultimately are the cause of an epidemic of drug addiction in Vancouver which far outstrips anything that existed before the so-called “safe” injection sites were implemented….against the wishes of the Federal Government of the day…but with the blessings of our idiot-run courts.

Not that long ago, we were a society which had a profound and clear message to all youth. Drugs are dangerous and will destroy your life. Alon with that message, was another bit of advice for all young people. “Only you can decide whether you are going to become a drug addict. It’s your choice, so choose wisely.”

But the so-called “safe” injection sites sent an entirely new message to a new generation.  “It’s OK if you’re a drug addict.  It’s not your fault. And all we ask is that you don’t hurt yourself. We’ll even help you with unlimited free needles and a supervised place where you can shoot your brain silly without anyone passing judgement.”  It was a disgraceful message to be sent to young, impressionable minds and it ultimately has resulted in ever increasing and record numbers of deaths year after year.

Oh, I can hear the drug apologists now. But it’s the opioids….it’s the over-prescriptions…it’s the Fentanyl and supercharged chemicals. We need more “safe injections sites” in every community and every neighbourhood!  Indeed, in recent weeks we have heard news reporters calmly reporting on the ridiculous proposition that more “safe injection sites” should be opened.


NYT and Post Hurting America

The General who has led U.S. Special Forces in the defeat of ISIS claimed today that leaks from the NY Times led to the escape of ISIS leader, al-Baghdadi, just when they were closing in on him. Meanwhile, on the same day, the Washington Post publishes another “sources” story that, if true (that is that Russia’s Ambassador to the U.S. referred to discussions with AG Jeff Sessions about the recent U.S. election campaign) could only have come from the highest level of a U.S. security agency. But, did it not occur to the Washington Post that the Ambassador to the Kremlin would of course be aware that his calls were being “tapped” and that in true Russian style, he would be sorely tempted to mention a red herring in an attempt to bamboozle intelligence officials?  Surely, officials with the Washington Post could not possibly be that dumb, could they? Useful Idiots for the Kremlin?  Well, based on the raft of Fake News coming from the NYT and Post in recent months, I guess one shouldn’t be surprised.

But my point in all of this is that these two grand old mainstream media outlets have completely squandered any credibility they might have had in their blind rage towards Donald Trump. They’ve let their emotions control their reason and severely tarnished their reputations and possibly caused the loss of American and Allied lives.  After all, by publishing news that would allow the leader of ISIS to escape, the NYT essentially aided and abetted ISIS.  ISIS has been “dismantled” and is on the verge of complete collapse with conservative estimates of at least 60 to 70,000 ISIS terrorists killed. But with the ISIS leader still loose, there is still a dim hope for his dwindling followers and he serves as an encouragement to them to continue their rampage against Christianity and Western Civilization.

Shame on the NYT and Washington Post.

Trump is right. Western Civilization in Peril

There’s been a lot of bleating from the Liberal elite lately concerning President Trump’s recent eloquent speech to the Polish people. Harkening back to similar speeches by JFK, President Trump provided  a marvelous summary of the struggle underway to preserve the greatest civilization the world has ever known. That, of course, is Western Civilization, which every historian knows is built upon the pillars of Christianity.

When Liberal elites describe Trump’s speech as “White Supremicist” they might want to review speeches and many written texts by one of the greatest, if not the greatest world leader of all time; Winston Churchill. Was Winston Churchill a racist? I daresay there are some University Professors out there who believe so.

I’ve been reading an excellent book called “Churchill and God”, in which the great leader’s fundamental belief in Christian Civilization is explored in depth. Churchill knew that the Anti-God Nazis posed a threat to Christian civilization which, of course, is the foundation of Western Civilization. But Churchill also had considerable contempt for those he described as Mohammedins….the force which has been trying to destroy Christian Civilization for fourteen hundred years.

The latest news is that Statistics Canada has crunched the numbers and within 20 years, Canada will be predominantly a land of people who will be ignorant or downright hostile to Christianity and the civilization it spawned. Most of the new immigrants will come from Asia and many if not most of them will come from Muslim countries such as Pakistan. The Old Ruminator has nothing against Asians. For the most part they are wonderful, bright, hard working human beings. But a nasty current of cultural evil runs within the Asian Continent; Islam. It has created vast swaths of human misery, destroying nations such as Pakistan and threatening others such as the Phillipines and Indonesia.

The Globe and Mail reports “A massive demographic change is taking place that could alter Canada’s economic, political and education systems and exacerbate the divide between rural and urban communities.”   Of course, one element is glaringly missing from the Globe’s report….the “cultural” change which is coming. The Globe and other media outlets don’t want to go there. Too sensitive. But the truth is, Canada will change and I believe NOT for the better.

Goodbye Canada. Goodbye to the Christian Civilization upon which you are based. Goodbye to the Christian based laws which established you and allowed you to flourish and become the world’s greatest nation. Goodbye to the values, which by the way, welcome peoples of all cultures and faiths to adopt Canada’s Liberty.

Unless we are extremely lucky and new immigrants learn to adopt Canadian values, we could see the Muslim “no-go” zones familiar to so many residents of Sweden, France and Belgium.

All the more reason to support efforts to ensure all new immigrants are familiar with the Canadian values which make our great nation what it is today and that they swear allegiance to those values upon entering the country.

Canada’s Wine Price Rip-Off Worse than Ever

Canadians who have shopped for wine in the U.S. are often shocked to see the difference in prices. For a long time now, we’ve been aware of the outright theft that goes on under the guise of “taxation” and “mark-up” of Canadian retail wines.  Canadians get hosed when it comes to buying any kind of liquor.  But things are getting worse.

In the Old Ruminator’s home province of British Columbia there have been great strides recently in making wine, especially BC Grown VQA wine, available through grocery stores and specialty wine shops.

But something must be done about the ridiculous trend in wine pricing.

On a recent trip across the boarder to Washinton State, I noticed two wines in particular which were so dramatically cheaper than their identical cousins in Canada, I just had to capture the evidence for posterity.

The first example (seen below) is a California red blend made by Bogle. The price of a 750ml bottle at Trader Joes in Bellingham, $8.99 U.S.; the price of the same bottle at Everything Wine in BC $35.99 Cdn. (Incidentally this is an excellent wine)  There is no way that any level of reasonable taxation, currency exchange or mark-up can account for that unbelievable difference. (about 4 times more costly in BC than in Washington)

But that’s a U.S. wine, you say, and perhaps that accounts for the difference. Or maybe it’s because “Bogle” is not one of the more popular brands in Canada.  Well not so fast.

Here’s another example of one of the world’s most popular wines, Yellowtail Big Bold Red, from Australia.  Priced in Bellingham’s Fred Meyer’s at $7.99 U.S for 1.5ltre bottle. ($7.19 if you were to buy six) Meanwhile, the price in British Columbia government Liquor Store outlets for a bottle HALF the size is $13.79 Cdn.  Outrageous! (that’s roughly three times more expensive in BC than in Washinton)

These prices are before sales taxes, which in BC are about 12% and in Washington State about 7%. So the end price difference, after tax, is even more outrageous.  We are being robbed in Canada and it’s time we started making a stink about it.

Nashville latest to be screwed by bad NHL officiating

The Nashville Preditors were f…ked by NHL refereeing tonight in the sixth game of the Stanley Cup Finals.  Is anyone really surprised?  Now the Nashville fans have a taste of what so many Canadian fans have had to endure in recent years as Gary Bettman and the NHL focus their efforts to ensure big markets like Boston, New York, Chicago and Pittsburg take home the trophy.

In a call which was clearly wrong, wrong, wrong, a perfectly legitimate goal by the Nashville Preditors was dissallowed because some fool of a referee blew his whistle in a panic while the play was still alive. Lord help us. Why do we tolerate this BS? I just can’t be bothered to go into all the details but over the years there have been too many cases of a Stanly Cup being awarded due to incompetence of malevolence on the part of NHL referees.  It’s sickening.

More Muslims Equals Greater Chance of Terrorist Acts says CBC

I watched in stunned disbelief tonight as CBC’s The National finally reported the obvious … the more Muslims a Country has, the more chance that country could face a terrorist act. Mind you, the CBC didn’t actually use the word “Muslims”. The report went something like this; an expert said , Britain has millions of people of whom a percentage might radicalize, Canada has thousands.  Clearly the comment was not about overall population, because of course Canada as millions of “people” not thousands. But we do have “thousands” of people who are Muslim. I think the official number these days is several hundred thousand.

A little later in the show, a panel of so-called “experts” pooh poohed suggestions that Canada should review it’s immigration polices. Surprise! But the good news is that our public broadcaster finally, finally reported an obvious fact which is so apparent to anyone with an ounce of common sense.



Are There No Conservative Comics?

It seems a plethora of would-be left-wing comedians have seen their careers resurrected with the election of Donald Trump. I’m quite puzzled by all this, because it has always been Conservatives who claimed Liberals have no sense of humour. Scores of right wing commentators, including myself, have made the point that feminists, gay activists, academics are so politically tight-assed that nothing remotely borderline in terms of political correctness could possibly make them laugh. And with the latest round of late-night profanity the common rejoinder is; “they would never have allowed such things to be said of Hillary.” It seems there are millions of Hillary Clinton fans who stay up past their normal bedtimes to listen to Late Night TV hosts lambaste Trump with so-called ‘humour’. Now maybe Liberals just normally stay up late but haven’t been watching TV in recent years and this serves as a kind of catharsis following Hillary’s humiliating defeat. Whatever the reasons, it seems to me someone is missing out on a potential ratings bonanza by not going after the millions of voters who supported Trump.

Wouldn’t it be a good idea for the ‘right’ to have it’s own late night TV show, complete with a Conservative host making rude and disgusting jokes about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton? I mean there’s a boat load of material for anyone with a half decent ability to wright a gag. And, at least for a short while, millions of lefties would tune in, just to be outraged. It’s a winner.  And it certainly would go a lot further in addressing the imbalance currently at play in the spectrum of political comedy.